Winter Is Here!!

I am offering Petite Winter Sessions this year!!  I have had requests for snow sessions the past couple of years so here is your chance to get on my snow day wait list!  Bundle up, bring some hot cocoa and we will play in the snow!  I even have my old wooden sled from my childhood, back in the stone ages, that we can use for a prop.WInter session graphic

How this works; I will be watching the forecast this winter for snow, when it looks like we have a good chance I will call the names on my wait list to schedule your session and give you a time slot.  These sessions will be first come first serve, 30 minutes, 8 digitals, one outfit and one location (photographer’s choice.)  The cost of this session is $125 + tax.  Location will be in the Nitro/Cross Lanes area.  Due to the nature of snow being unpredictable these sessions will have to be a bit spontaneous.  You can let me know what days and times you would be more likely to be available, rest assured I won’t be calling you on Christmas morning or Thanksgiving day for a session.   These sessions are great for kids, teens, and seniors.  More than two people will require an additional fee.

Message me and let me know if you would like to be added to my wait list for this limited winter portrait session! or 304-539-4214

Bittersweet Moments in Time

The first picture, first week, first month, first birthday, first day of school, first dance and first day of college.  There are roughly 18 years, 6570 days, 157,680 hours in that first sentence.  For parents that time goes as fast as it took for me to write it.  While we are living those 18 years the days are long but the years are oh so fast.  Something I have often said and heard others say is, “I wish I had taken more photos and recorded more of the memories.”  I thought I would remember every word and every expression.  Every laugh, smile and tear.   But the truth is, it all becomes a blur with certain highlights that stand out.

Photographs become our most prized possessions.  They are the things our heart would mourn (besides a loved one) if lost to natural disaster, fire, or flood.  We would get over the loss of our furniture, but not our pictures.  Our pictures are moments frozen in time, memories of times gone by.  They are what we cling to when our children are far away for one reason or another.

This is as much my story as it is many of yours.  My son never liked to have his picture made, his school pictures ceased in grade school and Senior pictures were out of the question for him.  I have often regretted not forcing the issue and  insisting that he have them made.  I was able several years ago to bribe him into letting me take his portraits.  Nothing will make up for those lost moments though.  My daughter has more than made up for his unwillingness to stand in front of a camera, she is addicted to having her portraits done.

I often hear of other mom’s that are having the debate of whether to have senior portraits made or not.  As a mom who has been there and regrets not doing it please don’t let this milestone pass by without having portraits made.  Senior portraits are so important to us as parents, grandparents and even future generations who love to look at images of their parents when they were young.  This is likely the last portrait milestone before your child gets married.  Don’t let it pass you by.

How To Choose A Photographer

There are several important milestones in life that should require hiring a professional photographer.  Many life events don’t require hiring a professional and basic snapshots will do.  Some may only hire a professional a few times or more over the years for births, first birthdays, senior images, family portraits and weddings.  It can be difficult to decide on a photographer for your special event or milestone.


So what are some of the criteria you should use for hiring a professional?  I’m going to go over a few points to help you choose the next time you need to hire a photographer.

Let’s talk about money.  Let’s face it, everyone wants to save money!!  Money is hard earned and the more we can save the better right?  Not exactly, have you ever heard the old saying “You get what you pay for?”  It’s true!!  Money should not be your deciding factor when selecting a Photographer.  You may save a lot of money on those newborn, senior or wedding portraits but you might also get sub-par portraits.  Of course I’m not encouraging anyone to go bankrupt or spend the mortgage payment on a photographer but most of us have an iPhone in our pocket that costs upwards of $1,000.  Hire the best you can afford, not the cheapest.

Friends and family. Everyone knows someone that knows someone that has a camera!  A lot of people hire a friend or family member out of loyalty.  They are afraid their friend or family will be upset with them if they don’t choose them as their photographer.  A great rule of thumb is, don’t mix business with pleasure unless they are a great photographer and you really love their work.  Don’t hire your friend to do your important portraits out of loyalty to them or because they are a great bargain.  What if you hate the pictures and are now stuck with awful images out of loyalty?  Don’t be that person who regrets not hiring someone else.

So what is the criteria?  Love, plain and simple love.  You hire a photographer because you love their work, that’s it in a nutshell.  It couldn’t be easier.  You look at their website, Instagram, and Facebook to see what their work looks like.  Most photographers will have their work available for you to see.  If you find a photographer whose work you love, hire them.  If you hire someone for any other reason there is a very good possibility you won’t be happy with your portraits.  I’ve never purchased a piece of artwork that I didn’t love, and I wouldn’t hang a portrait on the wall that I didn’t love either.

Choose wisely my friends.


It’s always so exciting to be featured by a nationally recognized senior portrait group.  One of my favorite images of Kalea and Milo was featured this week on Senior Muse Instagram page.  Go check them out!!  Big thank you to Senior Muse and Congrats to Kalea and Milo!!  I’ve been so blessed to photograph such gorgeous seniors!

Fall Senior Sessions

Have you booked your senior session?  Now is the perfect time to secure your date and time for those fall portraits!  Fall is the most popular time for portrait sessions as it is the most beautiful time of year here in West Virginia.  Don’t wait, I have limited availability.