Fall Senior Sessions

Have you booked your senior session?  Now is the perfect time to secure your date and time for those fall portraits!  Fall is the most popular time for portrait sessions as it is the most beautiful time of year here in West Virginia.  Don’t wait, I have limited availability.



Location ~ Location ~ Location

Lets talk a little about locations for senior portraits.  Everyone wants locations that are different from what everyone else is doing and I strive to find places that haven’t been used repeatedly by every senior photographer in my area.  When I’m not shooting, learning or taking care of business I am out driving around back alleys and back roads looking for the perfect spot for my seniors.  It is difficult to find a location that other photographers haven’t used already, and when we do find one it’s not a secret for long.  I have done sessions in some pretty odd locations from grave yards to my own back yard.  What looks like a sprawling beautiful vista is sometimes a small area behind a taco bell.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret,  the location isn’t really that important.  The location is just a small part,  it isn’t the focal point  and it’s only used to enhance the overall picture.  The most important part of your senior portraits is you, you are the unique part that nobody else in the world can duplicate.  Your personality, attitude and appearance are exclusive to you.  I can take several seniors to the same spot and get different looks because no two of you are the same. The two pictures above are the same location but have different looks.  So don’t stress out about having the perfect location or a location that someone else has used because you are unique and special in your own way and what you bring to the table is what inspires me to create portraits that are uniquely  and exclusively yours.

I’ll also add that no two photographers are alike, we all bring something different to the table as well.  Several photographers can take shots in the same location and all come up with something different.  When choosing your photographer don’t let price or obligation be your deciding factor.  Choose your photographer based on their body of work, if you love their work and their style; hire them to create your portraits.  If you love my work contact me today to discuss setting up your unique senior session.

Dana Cassle Baker


The Importance of Senior Portraits


It is that time of year when parents of seniors start dreading the coming school year and all that it entails.   Senior year is by far the hardest and most expensive year (K-12) for parents.

Parent’s will spend a small fortune on prom’s, formal’s, homecoming, graduation, senior trip and most importantly senior portraits.  Yes, I did say most important because the pictures are always the most important part of any event.  When the prom dresses are hung in the closet and the dances, ceremonies and parties are but a memory  the portraits will live on to be shared for generations to come.

This may very well be the last professional portraits your child has made until their wedding day.  Don’t look at it as just another expense but as an investment.  Our memories are priceless as are the images that capture those memories and freeze them in time.  So don’t put it off, schedule a session today to document your child’s last year of high school with beautiful senior portraits.   What a treasure and comfort their portraits will be to you when they leave for college.

Dana Cassle Baker