Living In a Digital World

We are living in a digital world, everything is digital now days.  Everything from our books, music and photos are stored in a cloud.  It really is great to have all of this mixed media at our fingertips. Who doesn’t love the ability to carry hundreds of your favorite songs on your phone?  But is digital always best when it comes to your portraits? Snapshots are fine living in your phone but your portraits are meant to be printed.

You hire a photographer to create your portraits, and then what?  Most people just want a disc full of digital files.  Most of us never do anything with those digital files and they live in a file on the computer or in a drawer.  A few of them might make their way onto your Facebook page.  Sometimes people take them to Walgreens or some other local print lab only to be dissatisfied by the result.  By doing this are we getting our full potential out of our money and our  photographer’s work? The answer is no.  What would you like your photographer to deliver to you, a disc or a beautiful album, canvas or print box?  I know what I would prefer!


I am happy to announce that I am going to be offering a range of products from prints, canvas’s, albums and more. The 10×10 leather album with crystal cover is gorgeous! You could put all your images on a disc or you could put them in a beautiful leather bound album that you can hold in your hands. I will continue to offer digital files in select collections. Contact me today so we can create a beautiful album for you!