The Importance of Senior Portraits


It is that time of year when parents of seniors start dreading the coming school year and all that it entails.   Senior year is by far the hardest and most expensive year (K-12) for parents.

Parent’s will spend a small fortune on prom’s, formal’s, homecoming, graduation, senior trip and most importantly senior portraits.  Yes, I did say most important because the pictures are always the most important part of any event.  When the prom dresses are hung in the closet and the dances, ceremonies and parties are but a memory  the portraits will live on to be shared for generations to come.

This may very well be the last professional portraits your child has made until their wedding day.  Don’t look at it as just another expense but as an investment.  Our memories are priceless as are the images that capture those memories and freeze them in time.  So don’t put it off, schedule a session today to document your child’s last year of high school with beautiful senior portraits.   What a treasure and comfort their portraits will be to you when they leave for college.

Dana Cassle Baker