Dalton and Gissel Class of 2019


Dalton and Gissel are both 2019 seniors, they are such a sweet couple of kids.  Even though it wasn’t a very nice day weather wise, we made the most of it.  Nobody tells you how hard it is to wrangle those big number balloons in the wind.  But we were able to hold them down long enough to get a few shots with them.

Gissel is just as beautiful as her name.  She has the most beautiful brown eyes!!  Dalton is my first guy of the season and he was great, such a handsome young man!  I enjoyed photographing this couple so much!!  Good luck to you both in your senior year!

Jordan ~ Class of 2019


Last week I spent the evening with Jordan and her mom.  We had such a great time!  Jordan is just beautiful inside and out, she is the sweetest girl.  Jordan is currently playing volleyball, softball and is a senior homecoming attendant at her school.  Jordan brought some special props to her session, my favorite was her bible.   I asked her to open her bible to her favorite verse which she has highlighted.  “Romans 5:8 KJV
But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Jordan has plans to be an elementary school teacher, she will no doubt be an amazing teacher!  Good luck to you this year Jordan!!

Snapshots vs Portraits

Recently I read a comment from another photographer that is struggling.  She stated that her customers don’t want to pay her because she is just taking a snapshot.  So what is the difference between a snapshot, and a portrait?  Is it just money or is there much more to a portrait than a simple snap shot?

When you hire a photographer to take your portrait it costs substantially more than just a simple snapshot you take and print at Walmart for 89 cents.  Your photographer has spent thousands of dollars on equipment, training & education, countless business expenses, and a considerable amount of time to create beautiful portraits for you.  They have re-touched your images to make sure you look your best, removed blemishes or stray hairs across your face.  The day of my senior portraits (@Olan Mills) I had a broken vessel in my eye.  Without the ability of the photographer to edit that out I would have had a big ugly red eye in my senior portraits.   Your photographer provides a service and products to you that a simple snapshot can not.

Anyone with a cell phone can take a decent snapshot these days but it takes a photographer to create a portrait.   An IPhone can be used to take some pretty good snapshots but they will never compare to your photographer and their camera.  By all means use your phone to capture candid moments, selfies and vacation shots but hire a photographer for the important events in your life.

Paige ~ Class of 2019

Paige is my first senior of 2019.  Paige was very hands on in planning every detail of her session.  She wanted a sweet and girly theme and that is just what she got; with bubble gum, lollipops, ice cream and the most glorious flower field just outside of Charleston WV.  This session was a perfect representation of Paige’s personality.  She is bubbly, joyful and has a great personality.  Wishing Paige all the luck in her senior year!!