Bittersweet Moments in Time

The first picture, first week, first month, first birthday, first day of school, first dance and first day of college.  There are roughly 18 years, 6570 days, 157,680 hours in that first sentence.  For parents that time goes as fast as it took for me to write it.  While we are living those 18 years the days are long but the years are oh so fast.  Something I have often said and heard others say is, “I wish I had taken more photos and recorded more of the memories.”  I thought I would remember every word and every expression.  Every laugh, smile and tear.   But the truth is, it all becomes a blur with certain highlights that stand out.

Photographs become our most prized possessions.  They are the things our heart would mourn (besides a loved one) if lost to natural disaster, fire, or flood.  We would get over the loss of our furniture, but not our pictures.  Our pictures are moments frozen in time, memories of times gone by.  They are what we cling to when our children are far away for one reason or another.

This is as much my story as it is many of yours.  My son never liked to have his picture made, his school pictures ceased in grade school and Senior pictures were out of the question for him.  I have often regretted not forcing the issue and  insisting that he have them made.  I was able several years ago to bribe him into letting me take his portraits.  Nothing will make up for those lost moments though.  My daughter has more than made up for his unwillingness to stand in front of a camera, she is addicted to having her portraits done.

I often hear of other mom’s that are having the debate of whether to have senior portraits made or not.  As a mom who has been there and regrets not doing it please don’t let this milestone pass by without having portraits made.  Senior portraits are so important to us as parents, grandparents and even future generations who love to look at images of their parents when they were young.  This is likely the last portrait milestone before your child gets married.  Don’t let it pass you by.

Dalton and Gissel Class of 2019


Dalton and Gissel are both 2019 seniors, they are such a sweet couple of kids.  Even though it wasn’t a very nice day weather wise, we made the most of it.  Nobody tells you how hard it is to wrangle those big number balloons in the wind.  But we were able to hold them down long enough to get a few shots with them.

Gissel is just as beautiful as her name.  She has the most beautiful brown eyes!!  Dalton is my first guy of the season and he was great, such a handsome young man!  I enjoyed photographing this couple so much!!  Good luck to you both in your senior year!

Snapshots vs Portraits

Recently I read a comment from another photographer that is struggling.  She stated that her customers don’t want to pay her because she is just taking a snapshot.  So what is the difference between a snapshot, and a portrait?  Is it just money or is there much more to a portrait than a simple snap shot?

When you hire a photographer to take your portrait it costs substantially more than just a simple snapshot you take and print at Walmart for 89 cents.  Your photographer has spent thousands of dollars on equipment, training & education, countless business expenses, and a considerable amount of time to create beautiful portraits for you.  They have re-touched your images to make sure you look your best, removed blemishes or stray hairs across your face.  The day of my senior portraits (@Olan Mills) I had a broken vessel in my eye.  Without the ability of the photographer to edit that out I would have had a big ugly red eye in my senior portraits.   Your photographer provides a service and products to you that a simple snapshot can not.

Anyone with a cell phone can take a decent snapshot these days but it takes a photographer to create a portrait.   An IPhone can be used to take some pretty good snapshots but they will never compare to your photographer and their camera.  By all means use your phone to capture candid moments, selfies and vacation shots but hire a photographer for the important events in your life.

Living In a Digital World

We are living in a digital world, everything is digital now days.  Everything from our books, music and photos are stored in a cloud.  It really is great to have all of this mixed media at our fingertips. Who doesn’t love the ability to carry hundreds of your favorite songs on your phone?  But is digital always best when it comes to your portraits? Snapshots are fine living in your phone but your portraits are meant to be printed.

You hire a photographer to create your portraits, and then what?  Most people just want a disc full of digital files.  Most of us never do anything with those digital files and they live in a file on the computer or in a drawer.  A few of them might make their way onto your Facebook page.  Sometimes people take them to Walgreens or some other local print lab only to be dissatisfied by the result.  By doing this are we getting our full potential out of our money and our  photographer’s work? The answer is no.  What would you like your photographer to deliver to you, a disc or a beautiful album, canvas or print box?  I know what I would prefer!


I am happy to announce that I am going to be offering a range of products from prints, canvas’s, albums and more. The 10×10 leather album with crystal cover is gorgeous! You could put all your images on a disc or you could put them in a beautiful leather bound album that you can hold in your hands. I will continue to offer digital files in select collections. Contact me today so we can create a beautiful album for you!